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Yahoo says its previously disclosed 1 billion account hack in 2013 was actually 3 billion accounts

  • Yahoo said every single account was affected by a data breach in 2013.
  • Yahoo is now part of a Verizon subsidiary named Oath.
  • Yahoo and Oath disclosed the new information on Tuesday evening.

All three billion of the user accounts it had in 2013 were affected by the security breach, the company, now owned by Verizon, said on Tuesday. Previously, the company estimated the hack affected one billion accounts.

The new assessment, made based on new intelligence obtained after the acquisition, compares with Yahoo’s initial estimate that 1 billion users were affected.

The information stolen didn’t include passwords in clear text, payment data or bank accounts.

Through the investigation findings, Yahoo says that information stolen from customers did not include passwords in clear text, payment card data or bank account information.

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