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Businessman Berates Buskers In Lichfield



Buskers in Lichfield,Staffordshire, England were approached by a man who wasn’t too keen on their music,in the man’s two minute rant, he lets of a traide of comments and insults in which He accuses the men of not paying their taxes,scrounging of everybody else,being losers and not having a ‘real job’.


In a Statement to NewsThisSecond Mr Morehead said ” I genuinely am really sorry about the way I dealt with the situation on Friday afternoon” and that he was “massively ashamed” of his actions. and would like to offer £200 to a charity of their choice to “show that these are not my normal way of dealing with these types of situations”

Mr Morehead said that he had spent 5 hours not being able to talk to candidates or clients and that his team was unable to work with the level of noise caused by the buskers.

He says that the video does “not show the first part of our dialogue as it would show me more level headed complaining about the level off the noise” and asking why they wouldn’t move when the council had asked them to”.

Cllr Doug Pullen, Cabinet Member for Regulatory Services, Housing & Wellbeing in Litchfield, said: “We absolutely support the right to busk within Lichfield City and appreciate the contribution our many buskers make to the thriving city atmosphere.
“On Friday 4 May, we received a number of noise complaints about a group of musicians who were busking on Bakers Lane in Lichfield city centre.
“Two of our environmental health officers came out to investigate and asked the band members to turn their amplifier down and to move on to another spot within the centre. This is so the music does not affect the same people and businesses for a lengthy period of time. They agreed to do this at the time, but did not move on.
“Our officers asked the band members for their names and addresses so we could take action to prevent them from causing a nuisance, but they refused to give us their details. As a result we asked the police for assistance, but the buskers left before they could get there.”

Staffordshire Police told NewsThisSecond they have no record of any incident being reported.

The Buskers seen in the video told NewsThisSecond that they have since spoken to Mr Morehead and accepted his public apology. Whilst they appreciate the support from the public they say “we do not condone threats of violence or abuse directed at Matt and his Family”. They also said that a point they tried to make by posting the video is that “We’re all human and capable of irrational behaviour from time to time”.

Mr Morehead’s donation will be spent between HenHouse performing arts group in Lichfield and the Help for heroes campaign.

The ‘Keep Streets Live Campaign’ whose aim is to build positive relationships between street artists and performers and the relevant local authorities in the places they perform issued a statement to NewsThisSecond that read;

“This incident shows the need for clear lines of communication between Buskers, businesses and other street users, such as that successfully promoted by Keep Streets Live in York, Birmingham and other cities. We have spoken the the Buskers involved and welcome the fact that the issue has now been resolved in a positive manner.”

Full Statement From Matt Morehead

(The statement was originally issued as an apology to the buskers)

I had to take some time out yesterday to reflect on what had happened. I genuinely am really sorry about the way I dealt with the situation on Friday afternoon. when I initially spoke to you it was more based up the fact we had spent 5 hours not being able to talk to candidates, clients or even allow my team to work.

I was aware that the council had asked you to move twice to which you refused and they had asked the police to move you on. I am massively ashamed of my actions.

I had no right to lose my temper they way I did with you and your band and for this I truly apologise my actions were unforgivable, unfortunately the video does not show the first part of our dialogue as it would show me more level headed complaining about the level off the noise and asking why you wouldn’t move when the council had asked you to move.

The events of Friday have had huge impact this weekend with death threats to myself and family and I accept and understand this is because of my own actions.

I am truly sorry for what I did and deeply regret my actions. I know there is nothing that I can do to take it back, but to show how remorseful I am please accept my apologies I would like to offer £200 to your chosen charity to show that these are not my normal way of dealing with these types of situations.

Once again I’m truly sorry. If you wish to make this apology public it’s up to you but I do really regret my actions friday.

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Trump Says He’ll Make a ‘Major Announcement’ Saturday Afternoon About Shutdown, Border



Washington (AP) — Trump says he will make a ‘major announcement’ on Saturday afternoon about the government shutdown and border security.

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Trump Administration Separated Thousands More Migrants Than Previously Known




The Trump Administration separated thousands more migrant kids from their families at the border than it previously acknowledged, and the separations started months before the policy was announced, according to a federal audit released Thursday morning.

“More children over a longer period of time” were separated at the border than commonly known, an investigator with the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general’s office told reporters Thursday morning.

“How many more children were separated is unknown, by us and HHS” because of failures to track families as they were being separated, he said.

HHS officials involved in caring for the separated children and reunifying families estimated “thousands” of additional children are separated at the border, the inspector general said.

The report sheds new light on the Trump administration’s efforts to deter border crossings by separating migrant families. House Democrats who’ve condemned the separations as inhumane have vowed to investigate the administration’s handling of the policy and its health effects on separated children, and the inspector general said additional investigations are in the works.

The inspector general report said some family separations continued, even after President Donald Trump in June 2018 ended the policy amid uproar and a federal court ordered his administration to reunify the families. The June 2018 court order called on the administration to reunify about 2,500 separated children in government custody. Most of those families were reunited within 30 days.

However, HHS received at least 118 separated children between July and early November, according to the report. DHS provided “limited” information about the reason for those separations. In slightly more than half of those cases, border officials cited the parent’s criminal history as a reason to separate the families, although they did not always provide details. The court order requiring reunifications said family separations should only occur if border officials could specify when parents posed possible dangers to children or were otherwise unfit to care for them, the inspector general noted.

Federal investigators said they had no details about how many of the “thousands of separated children” who entered the care of HHS before the June 2018 court order had been reunited.

“We have no information about the status of the children who were released prior to the court order,” Maxwell told reporters. [POLITICO]

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Prince Phillip Involved in Car Crash



#BREAKING Duke of Edinburgh involved in car crash near Sandringham Estate but not injured, Buckingham Palace says.

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