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Businessman Berates Buskers In Lichfield



Buskers in Lichfield,Staffordshire, England were approached by a man who wasn’t too keen on their music,in the man’s two minute rant, he lets of a traide of comments and insults in which He accuses the men of not paying their taxes,scrounging of everybody else,being losers and not having a ‘real job’.


In a Statement to NewsThisSecond Mr Morehead said ” I genuinely am really sorry about the way I dealt with the situation on Friday afternoon” and that he was “massively ashamed” of his actions. and would like to offer £200 to a charity of their choice to “show that these are not my normal way of dealing with these types of situations”

Mr Morehead said that he had spent 5 hours not being able to talk to candidates or clients and that his team was unable to work with the level of noise caused by the buskers.

He says that the video does “not show the first part of our dialogue as it would show me more level headed complaining about the level off the noise” and asking why they wouldn’t move when the council had asked them to”.

Cllr Doug Pullen, Cabinet Member for Regulatory Services, Housing & Wellbeing in Litchfield, said: “We absolutely support the right to busk within Lichfield City and appreciate the contribution our many buskers make to the thriving city atmosphere.
“On Friday 4 May, we received a number of noise complaints about a group of musicians who were busking on Bakers Lane in Lichfield city centre.
“Two of our environmental health officers came out to investigate and asked the band members to turn their amplifier down and to move on to another spot within the centre. This is so the music does not affect the same people and businesses for a lengthy period of time. They agreed to do this at the time, but did not move on.
“Our officers asked the band members for their names and addresses so we could take action to prevent them from causing a nuisance, but they refused to give us their details. As a result we asked the police for assistance, but the buskers left before they could get there.”

Staffordshire Police told NewsThisSecond they have no record of any incident being reported.

The Buskers seen in the video told NewsThisSecond that they have since spoken to Mr Morehead and accepted his public apology. Whilst they appreciate the support from the public they say “we do not condone threats of violence or abuse directed at Matt and his Family”. They also said that a point they tried to make by posting the video is that “We’re all human and capable of irrational behaviour from time to time”.

Mr Morehead’s donation will be spent between HenHouse performing arts group in Lichfield and the Help for heroes campaign.

The ‘Keep Streets Live Campaign’ whose aim is to build positive relationships between street artists and performers and the relevant local authorities in the places they perform issued a statement to NewsThisSecond that read;

“This incident shows the need for clear lines of communication between Buskers, businesses and other street users, such as that successfully promoted by Keep Streets Live in York, Birmingham and other cities. We have spoken the the Buskers involved and welcome the fact that the issue has now been resolved in a positive manner.”

Full Statement From Matt Morehead

(The statement was originally issued as an apology to the buskers)

I had to take some time out yesterday to reflect on what had happened. I genuinely am really sorry about the way I dealt with the situation on Friday afternoon. when I initially spoke to you it was more based up the fact we had spent 5 hours not being able to talk to candidates, clients or even allow my team to work.

I was aware that the council had asked you to move twice to which you refused and they had asked the police to move you on. I am massively ashamed of my actions.

I had no right to lose my temper they way I did with you and your band and for this I truly apologise my actions were unforgivable, unfortunately the video does not show the first part of our dialogue as it would show me more level headed complaining about the level off the noise and asking why you wouldn’t move when the council had asked you to move.

The events of Friday have had huge impact this weekend with death threats to myself and family and I accept and understand this is because of my own actions.

I am truly sorry for what I did and deeply regret my actions. I know there is nothing that I can do to take it back, but to show how remorseful I am please accept my apologies I would like to offer £200 to your chosen charity to show that these are not my normal way of dealing with these types of situations.

Once again I’m truly sorry. If you wish to make this apology public it’s up to you but I do really regret my actions friday.

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Prezzo in Salisbury cordoned off by police after man and woman fall ill



Police have sealed off a restaurant in Salisbury and the surrounding area after two people were taken ill.

The ambulance service called officers to Prezzo, in High Street, at 18:45 BST following “a medical incident” involving a man and a woman.

A Wiltshire Police statement said it had cordoned off the area as a precaution while it established “what has led them to fall ill”.
A witness reported seeing a person in a a hazardous material suit attend.


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California to launch its ‘own damn satellite’

California is set to launch a satellite to track greenhouse gases, as former US Secretary of State John Kerry and island nation leaders warned that the world is far off course to avoid the worst effects of rising temperatures.



Powered by article titled “California to launch its ‘own damn satellite’ to track greenhouse gases” was written by Emily Holden and Oliver Milman in San Francisco, for on Friday 14th September 2018 20.49 UTC

California is set to launch a satellite to track greenhouse gases, as former US Secretary of State John Kerry and island nation leaders warned that the world is far off course to avoid the worst effects of rising temperatures.

Gov. Jerry Brown announced plans for the satellite on the last day of a climate change summit hosted by San Francisco, in a final rebuke to President Donald Trump’s denial of man-made warming.

“With science still under attack,” Brown said “we’re going to launch our own satellite, our own damn satellite, to figure out where the pollution is.” Brown said the satellite will help pinpoint the source of planet-warming emissions.

California will team up with Planet Labs, a company run by ex-Nasa scientists. The data collected, including on carbon dioxide emissions and methane leaks from oil and gas operations, could be made public as part of a partnership with the advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund. The new project comes as Trump has proposed slashing Nasa climate research mission budgets. It is one of dozens of commitments of mixed significance unveiled by states, cities and businesses at the event.

Despite the optimism on show at the summit, Kerry said climate efforts must ramp up.

“I am going to tell the truth, and the truth is we are not anywhere near where we need to be with respect to the overall challenge of climate change,” said Kerry, who worked to secure the 2015 global Paris climate agreement under former president Barack Obama.

Kerry blasted Donald Trump for deciding to leave that deal, calling it “one of the single greatest acts of irresponsibility by a president of the United States anywhere at any time.”

Leaders of the countries already suffering most from sea-level rise and ocean acidification echoed Kerry’s concerns, saying that international action is slowing.

“The world has lost, all of us have lost, momentum since Paris in 2015. Although the rate of increase has slowed, we’ve not yet peaked our global emissions. But we must do so by 2020. We really cannot afford to wait any longer,” said Mia Mottley, prime minister of the Caribbean island nation of Barbados.

Mottley’s country is in the direct path of hurricanes that are growing in strength and may narrowly avoid a more direct hit from tropical storm Isaac this week.

The world is set to watch temperatures rise 3C above pre-industrial levels by the time a child born today is old, Mottley said, even if countries adhere to the goals they said.

Frank Bainimarama, prime minister of Fiji, said countries need to speed their work.

“We all know that the levels of ambition in our national plans need to be ramped up because we are not on track to meet the targets of the Paris agreement,” Bainimarama said.

Former US vice-president Al Gore struck a more positive tone.

“We must do it. We can do it. I’m convinced ever more because of the success of this summit here in San Francisco that we will do it,” he said, reminding that the US has not technically left the Paris deal yet and that a new president could re-enter.

The warnings were at odds with the overall atmosphere of the summit.

On the eve of the gathering, California governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that would make the state’s electricity supply carbon-free by 2045. A separate executive order by Brown is more sweeping, committing to net zero emissions across the entire California economy, also by 2045.

Other cities and regions from around the world have followed this with various pledges, with New York City promising $4bn to renewable energy and clean water and cities including Los Angeles, Tokyo, Honolulu, Oslo and Greater Manchester pledging to build energy efficient buildings or deploy fleets of electric buses.

A group of 29 philanthropists committed $4bn over five years to combat climate change, the largest such investment of its kind, while companies such as Ikea, Walmart and Unilever promised to reduce emissions through measures such as electrified trucks for deliveries and action to prevent deforestation in the tropics.

Jonathan Pershing, the State Department’s climate negotiator under Obama, said the summit brings hope to the climate cause.

“The story here is optimistic. The question here is does the optimism translate, and can this message get out globally,” Pershing said. “There is a good broad cross-section of people from around the world, but it’s just a few thousand people, and it’s a problem that’s going to require engagement by millions.” © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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Christine Blasey accuses Kavanaugh of assault in letter to senator



Update:Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who wrote the letter accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, is going public with her story, saying she thought he might kill her. More to come.

‘I thought he might inadvertently kill me,’ said Ford, now a 51-year-old research psychologist in northern California, to The Washington Post. ‘He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.’

A woman is accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting her when they were in high school in the early 1980s, according to a source familiar with the allegations, which were relayed in a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein earlier this summer.

CNN reports the letter details an incident when the woman, who has not come forward publicly, attended a party with Kavanaugh and others in a suburban Maryland home. Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has referred the letter to the FBI.

Kavanaugh physically pushed her into a bedroom, the accuser said. Along with another male, Kavanaugh locked the door from the inside and played loud music that the accuser said precluded successful attempts to yell for help.

Both men were drunk, she said, and Kavanaugh attempted to remove her clothes.

At one point, Kavanaugh was on top of her laughing as the other male in the room periodically jumped onto Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh held his hand over her mouth at one point, and she said she felt her life was inadvertently in danger.

She said she was able to leave the room and go into a hallway bathroom. After Kavanaugh and the other male began talking to others in the house, she went home.

There is no indication the woman reported the incident to law enforcement at the time, but she said she has received medical treatment regarding the alleged assault. The woman also declined to come forward publicly after sending the letter to Feinstein. The accuser’s name was redacted before Feinstein forwarded it to the FBI.

In a statement Friday, Kavanaugh denied the allegation.

“I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or at any time,” he said.

Kavanaugh testified for three days before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, where the issue was not raised. The Judiciary panel is scheduled to consider Kavanaugh’s nomination next Thursday, and the full Senate may vote on confirmation later this month.

The New Yorker first reported the details of the letter to Feinstein. The woman declined a request from the magazine for comment.

Old Article:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has said that she possesses a sensitive document about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and is referring the matter to the Justice Department.

In a statement she said:

“I have received information from an individual concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” Feinstein said in a statement. “That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision. I have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities.”

The document in question is believed to be a letter detailing an interaction between an unnamed woman and Kavanaugh dating back to their time together in high school. 

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