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NewsThisSecond is now on Amazon Echo and other devices



“Alexa, give me my Flash Briefing.”

Get the latest Breaking News on all of your Amazon Alexa-capable devices. News This Second’s Flash Briefings are now available as an Amazon Alexa skill.

Here’s how to download the NewsThisSecond Flash Briefing skill: Open the Amazon Alexa app, go to the menu and select “Skills.” Search “NewsThisSecond” under “Skills,” then select the “NewsThisSecond” skill and enable it. You may then ask: “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?” or some variation of the question, and your device will present you with the latest news stories.

You may also download NewsThisSecond’s Flash Briefings on the Alexa Skill Store on the Amazon website by clicking here:

Add NewsThisSecond to Alexa


NewsThisSecond is also available on many platforms such as;


The NewsThisSecond applets on IFTT allow users to send Breaking News alerts to their phone via SMS and post alerts to social media.

Receive SMS Breaking News Alerts

Tweet the latest Breaking News Alerts


We live stream on Periscope allowing viewers to see the breaking news events we tweet about LIVE.

Amazon Echo

Users of Amazon enabled devices can get a ‘flash briefing’ from NewsThisSecond by adding the NewsThisSecond skill via the Alexa app.

Click Here To Add


Telegram users can get Breaking News notifications by joining our channel


Get Breaking News Alerts on your mobile device by adding our WhatsApp number +441865980315 to your phone’s contact list.

Once you’ve added us to your phone, send a WhatsApp message saying YES.

Google Home

Users with Google Home can play NewsThisSecond’s ‘News Quiz of the Week’ by saying ‘Ok Google, Talk to News Quiz of the Week’

(This service is coming soon and is awaiting approval)

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